Lansing Knights Baseball
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This site is dedicated to the Lansing baseball team(s) for which I have been the head coach.

I must say it has been a pleasure to coach the boys that I have been assigned to at Lansing!  Teaching the kids the finer points of baseball and how to prepare to play has been challenging at times; but it is so rewarding when you see a player use what he has been taught in an actual live game situation.  It is priceless!

I have had many players on my rosters for spring and fall baseball.  Some of the boys have actually been with me each and every year!  It is exciting to see how they have grown up on the field; as well as off the field.  I also welcome all the new boys that have joined Lansing and I look forward to a successful season this spring.

I hope that their experience in learning the greatest game on earth, Baseball; has been as much fun to them as it has been for me!  Hopefully, when they are older and have their own families one day, they will still have the love for the game and teach it to their children and their friends.